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The Emotionally Unstable Java Button

You have reached the home of the Amazing Emotionally Unstable Button. We must be very careful around the poor thing, as not to make it upset. (He can get very touchy, you know.)

It all started when he was just a little button, just a little bullet marking a position in a list of clickable items...

One day, he was just sitting there, being a good little button, when some insensitive moron came through and clicked him. The button, being happy to be clicked, did his job with no problem. Unfortunately, this didn't satisfy the big lug with the itchy clicker-finger. He ruthlessly clicked the poor button, again and again and again...

Anyway, the whole experience traumatized the button for life, and now he goes to a therapy group for buttons. Poor guy. You can go visit him now, if you want to. Just be careful, and don't do anymore damage to his already feeble state. Thank you.