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Matt's Adventures With

This is Matthew. He's my brother. (Either a blessing or a curse.) Either way, the fact remains that he is related to me. This is one of his adventures.
The story begins...

It all started when I went over to my friend Alex's camp in Alburg. (The picture to the left is of Alex, by the way.) We were having dinner outside one night, and the subject of conversation, for some reason, meandered to the topic of spicy foods. I mentioned how my brother, Matt, could endure the spiciest of foods, the strongest of flavors, and not be affected by them. In fact, when he was younger, Matt used to eat raw onions like apples. (Yum.)
    Alex immediately perked up. He said that he knew of something that Matt would never be able to stand. I scoffed. Matt was a pretty tough customer when it came to stuff like that. I asked what that food item could possibly be.
    "I dare your brother to try to eat the flavor packet out of a package of Beef Ramen Noodles, " he challenged. Apparently many had tried, and most had failed, and the few that did make it were forever scarred by the experience. Or so he said.

    And thus the challenge was made.


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