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Welcome to the official site of me, known in most circles as "Mšjken". I've got all sorts of things for you to amuse yourself with. So... Make me feel special by looking around the site and later on, sending me an e-mail singing its praise (or not, depending upon your opinion). Any contact with the outside world does me good. Thanks. 
If you want to use my art, please give it full credit, with a link and stuff like that. I'd really appreciate it. I hate it when people use my art without credit! (Aaargh!) How am I ever supposed to get recognition, fame and fortune? 
By the way, I can be found on a few chats by different names: 
  • On ICQ: Rydia of Mist (My ICQ # is 104051733)
That's it for now! Go on! Explore! I guarantee that you won't be violating any law whatsoever. Uh, I think...

My pride and joy! Check out my cartoons of some, uh, bands. Oh, yeah here's an Announcement: The toons are now COLORIZED! 
OH! Please, pay a visit to the Emotionally Unstable Java Button. He needs company.

Ah, but of course! The obligatory links page. Gotta love it. All the useless crap you can't find elsewhere on this site. 
If you really want to, you can drop me a line and tell me what you think. I'd appreciate it. After all, I made an effort to make this page, so why don't you make an effort to comment on it? Well!?
This link goes nowhere. Really, it does.